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Psychometric Solutions

We provide the technology and experience for people who want to web enable their own psychometric tests. From consulting, to implementation and development of your custom psychometric solution.


Data Analysis

Properly analysing your results can sometimes be the most difficult part of psychometrics, but we got your back! We have specialists ready to assist you, in order for you to make the most out of your acquired data.


Questionnaire Platform

Mental Media testing platform is based on open source technologies, is totally flexible and user friendly for you and your test takers. You can manage your projects and questionnaires, extract data and reports, while keeping track of your participants.


We have 20+ Years Of Business Experiences

Trusted TeleHealth & Psychometrics Service Provider

Our aim is to build robust solutions to support psychometric tests and solutions. Our experience and knowledge on psychometrics, statistical analyses and computer science helped us build our first platform

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Meet Our Team

Our team of Specialists in Technology & Psychometric Industry

Nikos Doiranlis
Nikos DoiranlisPsychologist, Mental Media Founder
Alex Gkaltemis
Alex GkaltemisAccount Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist
Apostolos Gouvalas
Apostolos GouvalasSoftware Engineer - Backend Developer
Yiannis Passas
Yiannis PassasSoftware Engineer - Backend Developer
Thanos Tragazikis
Thanos TragazikisSenior System Administrator
Helga (Before...)
Helga (Before...)Mental Media Head of Security
Helga (After..)
Helga (After..)Mental Media Head of Security
Sofia Toumanidou
Sofia ToumanidouAccount Manager - Customer Care

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  • +30 231111.6860

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